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Adherence to Occupational Therapist Recommendations for Home Modifications

Objective. This study examined adherence to home modifi-
cation recommendations made by an occupational therapist
and attempted to identify predictors of adherence.
Method. An experienced occupational therapist visited
the homes of 178 people (mean age = 76.4 years) to evalu-
ate for and recommend appropriate home modifications for
falls prevention. One year later, a research assistant visited
these persons' homes to assess adherence.
Results. At least one home modification was recom-
mended in 150 of the 178 homes visited. The most com-
mon recommendations were to remove mats and throw rugs
(48%), to change footwear (24%), and to use a nonslip
bathmat (21%). In the 121 homes revisited after 12
months, 419 home modifications had been recommended,
and 216 (52%) were met with partial or complete adher-
ence. The only significant predictors of adherence were a
belief that home modifications can prevent falls and having
help at home from relatives.
Conclusion. A major barrier to adherence to home
modification recommendations is that many older people do
not believe that home modifications can reduce their risk of

Fonte: AJOT
Autor: Robert G. Cumming, Margaret Thomas, George Szonyi,